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Get Happy

10 Annoying Pet Peeves We Wish We Didn't Have To Deal With

Like it or not, they’re all around us. Our pet peeves have a way of sneaking themselves into our everyday lives, as if annoying...

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Pho Zap

Good morning! Our first morning in Vientiane and we were so ready for a full day ahead! But first, some fuel for the tank....

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Always on the lookout for new dining spots? Don’t want to wait in line for hours to be served? Head to to reserve your next...

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Style & Beauty

Festive Smokey Makeup Look

Here’s an easy festive makeup tutorial for anyone to follow–perfect for this holiday season! Yuli of Lilac Beauty Studio created for us this special look which is...

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Health & Well-Being

Drugs: To Take or Not To Take?

It seems like these days many are feeling the bite of dengue fever. If not us, our neighbors are catching it. And we are...

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